Who we are

Who we are

KTC Business Consultants is offering professional services to both Cypriot and international clients. Based in Nicosia, Cyprus and a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPAC) as well as a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).
Our people lead an organization that never grows out of having energy and enthusiasm for assisting businesses, and proactively working with the individual behind those businesses with the highest standards of client service, commercial acumen, honesty and integrity. 
Aware of the realities of owning regionally and internationally based business, from the large to small we are committed to providing you with specifically tailored financial and accounting advice.  
Knowing that you and your business are unique the financial solutions we develop are tailored specifically for you.

KTC is equipped with knowledge and experience providing audit, advisory, accounting and financial services on a high international level of standards. Our expertise on tax and compliance matters will support your enterprise along the way. Planning and scheduling is the ultimate tactic for organic growth. 
Focusing on building trust and strong bonds with our clientele is our long term tactic to win. Cooperation and good relations create success for business people. We will walk with you towards success. 

We are involved virtually in every aspect of the professional services industry, offering a comprehensive range of services such as audit and assurance, advisory, accountancy, taxation compliance, international tax planning, fiduciary services, investment advisory and immigration services.

Our Services

The services we offer cover a wide range of business needs. Our highly qualified team and partners network with specialized skills, ensure you will receive great service and support you business anytime under any challenge. We always aim building trust with our clients. Trust is the start for doing great work with you. Read below our range of services.

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Our risk based audit approach, safeguards that all the business matters that may arise and may have impact on Company’s Financial Statements were examined through the determined audit procedures and checklists of KTC’s.  As a result, the audit opinion issued is relevant and insightful.
Our assurance procedures will ensure clarity is achieved through reporting, bringing value and confidence to your purpose.
We assist you with all the corporate statutory requirements, fulfilling the accounting obligations, dealing with tax and vat compliance issues, performing the payroll functions within budget and on a timely basis can be challenging in the current business environment.
We support your local or international company with a local presence to respond to these challenges, in a cost effective manner, allowing you to focus in the core areas of your business that are the key for profitable growth. Our tactic is simple: focus on your business, leave accounting to the experts. 

Our firm provides a wide range of accounting and financial reporting services which include:
  • Computerized accounting bookkeeping services
  • Maintenance and Recording  Company’s transactions and reporting according to client’s needs in any currency (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Processing payroll and other relevant administration services such as payment to authorities and employees
  • Preparation of Company’s financial statements under IFRS according to client’s request (monthly, quarterly, annually) 
  • Preparation of various management reports such as budgets, cash flow forecasts along with variance reports against actual results

Income Tax Services

A team of tax experts will communicate with you in order to understand the nature of your business, objectives and future steps. Fully understanding the nature of your business is where a perfect tax plan starts from. Thus a tax expert will communicate to get the most out of your purpose and goals in order for an efficient tax design.
Our approach is concentrated on planning and discussing with our clients about the way of doing business so that provide a professional forward thinking advice in the most efficient manner, after taking into consideration both local and international tax implications, and protection of their business assets.

Cyprus/International Tax planning

KTC’s tax advisors can assist individuals or legal entities to adopt a structure utilizing a company in Cyprus or abroad in a tax efficient manner. The legal structure will affect the total tax burden on the investment by maximizing the return to the shareholder. We will examine the nature of the aforementioned investment, examine the possible tax aspects that may arise and propose an optimum tax structure for implementation.
Tax planning is a proactive approach to investment decision making rather than a reactive approach which could cause severe wealth erosion in the implementation process. We can also review tax exposure of an existing structure and provide restructuring options.

Tax compliance

Our firm provides a comprehensive range of tax services. Through our experienced and qualified team we ensure compliance with the current local and international tax legislation which includes the following:

Tax advisory

  • International Tax planning structures
  • Tax review
  • Tax rulings
  • Tax clearance

Tax administration

  • Registration within the Inland Revenue Department
  • Preparation and submission of annual tax returns
  • Tax Residency Certificates
  • Preparation of annual income tax computations
  • Preparation and submission of Annual Provisional tax declarations

Indirect tax (VAT)

Vat Services
VAT requires advanced knowledge of the EU and local legislation, years of working experience and exposure dealing with the most complicated VAT issues. KTC’s vat professionals have a long and intensive exposure through their careers over indirect tax both local and international.

At KTC we can assist you on the following VAT services:
VAT advisory
Vat audit services
Vat planning
Vat rulings
Communication and dispute resolution with VAT authorities

Vat administration
Preparation and submission of quarterly VAT return
Preparation and submission of VIES compliance forms
Preparation and submission of Intrastat compliance forms
In a hostile business environment your company is facing everyday challenges that has to overcome. The aim is not only to be competitive but you should try to be ahead of your competitors.  KTC’s professionals with a broad experience in various industries will provide strategic advices, point out the issues, and help you unlock the full potential of your business. The possibilities are always there. What you need is to identify, plan and execute properly. Our team is able to provide you with the following advisory services:

  • Internal Audit Services
  • Corporate and Business Strategy  
  • Financial Advisory
  • Transaction support
  • Financial due diligence
  • IFRS conversion services
  • Purchase price allocation process
  • Embedding IFRS into everyday business
  • Business review
  • Business turnaround
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Internal audit risk management  services and regulatory compliance. 
  • Advisory services for integrated and effective management of your business.
  • Cash control management and cash flow management.
  • Bank account openings as well as well as processing and monitoring of bank transactions. 
  • Preparing of structured business plans.
  • Preparation of budget forecast.
  • Preparation of cash flow forecast.  
  • Assessment and assistance in choosing the right method of raising capital.
Our expertise and years of knowledge in the business field allows us to assist you and provide to you an extensive secretarial support. This will ensure everything is properly managed and secure. Good communication and control is essential for a healthy organization to run. 

Secretarial Services

  • Preparation and maintenance of statutory documents
  • Compliance with the statutory obligations of the registrar of companies
  • Assistance with shareholders and directors meetings
  • Assistance of with the preparation of management and administration documents
  • Preparations of powers of attorney and commercial agreements
  • Preparation and submission of Annual Returns
  • Nominee shareholder services
  • Nominee director services
  • Nominee secretary services
  • Registered office services 
  • Bank account opening and transactions management 

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